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Aussies and Kiwis are unique, and so are our bed sizes! Bulbul Home offers the following sizes in our collection to help you dive right into bed, worry-free. 

Duvet Sets 


  Dimension (width x length)  

King    245 cm x 210 cm 
Queen   210 cm x 210 cm
Double   180 cm x 210 cm 
Single    140 cm x 210 cm 

We designed our duvet sets keeping in mind our lived experience - no zips that will break, no snap buttons that stop snapping. Just beautiful buttons and hemmed finishes offering a smooth finish to the Duvet Set. 

The Duvet Sets all come with 4-hole buttons, meaning you won't be digging through the washing machine for that missing button 

Fitted Sheet 

 Sizes   Dimension (width x length x depth) 
King    180 cm x 203 cm x 40 cm 
Queen    152 cm x 203 cm x 40 cm 
Double   137 cm x 193 cm x 40 cm 
King Single    106 cm x 203 cm x 40 cm 

The generous 40 cm folding depth makes sure that bed sheet stays on!  

Standard Pillowcases 

 Pillowcases   40 cm x 73 cm + 15 cm fold 

With a generous 15 cm fold-in tuck, the pillowcases stay in place and don't need constant re-setting


We tried to think of everything to make these fits perfect for you. If we missed anything, we'd love to hear back - drop us a line