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About Us

Our Story

Hi, welcome to Bulbul Home. 

Thanks for checking out our store! We're so excited to be bringing high quality, responsibly sourced homewares and bed linen to your home. 

An idea formed in 2020 through a longing to travel - faced with travel restrictions and no end in sight, and a desire to feel connected with the world outside. At the same time, our home had become a refuge from the turbulence and uncertainty outside, a place of calm and of joy.

From these two opposing desires (stepping out, and yet staying within), grew Bulbul Home. We journeyed a 20 month search and design process to bring the best products from across Pakistan - our focus has always been on ethical sourcing, natural materials, and employment to artisans.

In thinking small, we are thinking big. 

We feel a deep connection with our products, and we want to do the same for you - Design Stories is our blog of makers' stories - the women who weave the mats and baskets, the multi-generational artisans who skillfully hand carve the gemstones onto our coasters, and the journey of the gots certified organic cotton from farm to your bed. 

We want to offer small batches in a world driven by incentives for bulk. We want it to feel personal, after all, what is more personal than your home? We want to work with the best in the world - designers in Australia and makers in Pakistan. 

Our Designed in Australia products in Bulbul's first collection express nature's tranquility, and joy and hope of a bright tomorrow. 

Our promise is of 100% Feel Good

  • Luxurious look and feel   
  • Conscious living through careful sourcing 
  • Plastic free packaging 
  • Natural Materials 
  • Organic Cotton
  • 20% profit give-back to support artisans here and abroad 

Bulbul Home is extra special to me, it is from my dad's nickname for my daughter - Bulbul (songbird). Everything at Bulbul Home is lovingly brought to you. Join our journey, and become a part of Bulbul Home's tribe. 

Uzma Hyat

Founder, Bulbul Home