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100% Feel Good

Certified Organic Cotton

Our considered Bed Linen collection is sourced from some of the most experienced producers and suppliers in the world. We work only with the best.

Our small product range means we have a lean supply chain, and can get to work closely with all our suppliers, producers and manufacturers. To give you ease of mind, we work with suppliers who are GOTS certified.


That means they have been audited by independent third parties and have met the global GOTS standards for: 

  • Occupational Safety and Standards
    • Fair wages
    • No child labor 
    • Work hours
    • No discrimination, no harassment 
  • No Toxic Chemicals used in production 
  • Certified Organic Cotton meets GOTS requirement of 95% organic fibres
  • Textile Products carrying the GOTS label must contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres 
  • Waste Treatment and Management 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We make every effort to partner with local shipping partners who maintain a carbon neutral footprint ( This makes us feel good in sending the parcel to you, and we hope it helps you maintain a low carbon footprint as well. 

At Bulbul Home we feel strongly about reducing waste and appreciating the beauty around us. To learn more about carbon footprint, we suggest a quick read here: 

Plastic Free Packaging 

We designed all our packaging to be plastic-free. Bulbul Home is a business that is keenly aware of the environmental damage from wasteful and single-use plastics, and strive to protect our collective environmental future through responsible business practice. 

Our bed-linen in packed in its' own fabric, which we encourage you to re-use for storage. Even the cord at the top is made using natural jute fibre.

Our shipping packages are always either compostable mailers, or paper packaging. 

Supporting Artisans

A key feature of our initial desire to build this business was to support small businesses, female artisans, and remote communities. We love the emotional connection with handmade and handcrafted goods, and strongly believe that the story of the making adds to your own story of your home, your family, and your values. 

Wherever possible, we source from small suppliers, multi-generational artisans, and particularly women. Your purchase helps give safe and steady employment to people in remote communities, who may otherwise struggle to make a consistent living. 

Giving Back 

But the Feel Good story doesn't just end there. We want to use our profits to help the communities we work with, live with, and share from. Our founder has worked with development agencies for over 10 years, working to improve healthcare and education among some of the poorest regions in the world. 

We want to a part of a better future, and maintain our role as a responsible business. To that end, our business ethos has committed to sharing 20% of our profits with organizations that support artisans - both here in Australia, and globally. 


Feeling good yet? We certainly are.